$19.99 Craftsman Multi tool from Ace Hardware

5 Handy Tools That Every Homeowner Should Have  

1.​     ​Home Repair Tool Kit Accidents happen and you never know when you will need to fix something. These come packed with useful items and are relatively inexpensive. Buy one online or at your local hardware store. 

2.​     ​A Multi Tool This could be a Swiss Army Knife but we usually need something a bit more robust. We recommend getting an all in one tool that you can carry in your pocket for small fixes. This allows you to access tools easily from one spot without needing to access your toolbox.  

3.​     ​Led Flashlight When working on a house, a lot of parts of it will need to be illuminated by something brighter than a normal lightbulb. A led flashlight will solve that. These things have incredibly long battery life, are cheap, and project some of the strongest beams of light you can buy. This is a must have for home repairs in hard to reach places or when light isn’t readily available such as power outages.

4.​     ​5 Gallon bucket A necessity for anything related to home improvement. People sometimes forget about a bucket but it can be quite handy, from carrying water to cement to fertilizer and other materials this is a multi-use tool that you need.

5.​     ​Duct tape This is a fix all for any problem you may not know how to fix. IF there are leaks in the house, duct tape it, if you feel a bad draft, duct tape it. This handy piece of hardware can be used in a variety of ways to fix things until a proper solution is found. This is essential for any person trying to repair their home.  

$19.99 Toolkit from K-Mart
Gorilla Tape from Walmart
$39.99 Toolkit from Sears
28 LED High- Intensity Professional Flashlight from Home Depot $12.26
Go Green Power 15 LED Rechargeable Flashlight from Walmart
5 Gallon White Life Latch Square Pail from U.S. Plastics Corporation $8.55
5 Gallon Bucket from Uline $25.25
Powerdrive LED Waterproof Spotlight from Home Depot $49.99

Duct Tape Brand Tape from Target $3.47
3M Extreme Mounting Tape
Leatherman Multitool from Cabelas $22.88
$35.00 Multitool from Amazon
$29.99 Toolkit from Target
The Home Depot 5 Gallon Homer Bucket from $8.91