Balloon Lamp from What On Earth - $29.98
Rustoleum Specialty Glow In The Dark Paint
Realistic Glow In The Dark Stars
Wallies Train Ride Wall Decal Blue from Target - $20.39
Counting Numbers Wallplay Peel & Stick Wall Decal Multicolor from Target
Assorted Glominex Glow Paint by CoolGlow - $24.79
Sweet Jojo Designs Kaylee Mini Polka Dot Basket Liners from Bed Bath & Beyond - $32.99
Coat Rack from Tiny Keepsakes
LumiSource Medusa Silver Floor Lamp
3D Cork Adhesive Cork Sheets
Sterilite 5 Drawer Storage Unit - $7.65
Rubbermaid Rough Tote
Kids Coat Rack - Ore International - $24.99

​5 Home Remodel Ideas To Bring Your Children's Room To Life

​1. Most craft and hobby stores sell an additive to paint that allows it to glow in the dark. Try painting stars and a moon on your child's ceiling or a cityscape around the edge of the room. This will get them excited about turning out the lights at night. 

​2. Check your local art and crafts store for peel-and-stick cork. You can cut out any shape, simply peel off the backing and attach to any wall for fun pin-up space.

​​3. Be sure to include multiple kinds of lighting in a kid's room. Overall lighting is a necessity but so is a reading light. It may even help them find the bathroom in the middle of the night.

4. To help your kids stay organized, keep things at their height. Closet storage, benches and coat racks will all be used more often if kids can get to them easily.

5. Every little boy loves Legos. Moms however, not so much, especially when those Legos end up all over the floor. If your little one (or your big one) has a lot of Legos, try organizing them by color so they always know where each color that they need is located. Just label or write on each plastic bin by color. It keeps them all neatly put away so that they’re not attacking your bare feet when you least expect it.

Cloud B Twinkles To Go Octopus Nightlight In Blue
Delta Children Disney Minnie Mouse Multi-Bin Toy Organizer, Multicolor from Walmart - $29.84